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Foto200 Foto196
Painting                                                   Photo-Painting

What are photo-paintings?
Yes, I had no name for what I make. Explanation! It began experimenting self photos on making wood instead of paper.
In the beginning it did not quite work out.
After examining how they do it at printing companies, I soon realized that it would be an expensive hobby.
Yet I am gone to find out if there is something fun to do with it.
After much trying, I came to some results that I’ve seen never anywhere.
Now I print in paint. For example, in a gold-colored layer. As the pictures below.
Henk Vrijenhoef 2014DSC064122sh
Photos printed on Gold

It’s a lot of work to do and it often fails it again or is not the result I was hoping it would be. Now I am going further than print a photo. I try now my creativity out. For example, add effects, and Crackle apply in places where I want it.
There am I accidentally came in because I was reusing wood panels.
There is paint with crackle effect. I do not mean that. I have discovered how to ordinary paint can leave crazing and precisely in those places where I want it..

Foto199Casterly Rock House Lannister
Painting                                                  Photo


Roy Soerioroseno Tempel
Adrie vanWeenen 2014
These two works are made of clay plus edited photo on plywood.


Els Spek-Rietveld

DSC00673 chev10
Lamb-1ev T-Ford-10 DSC08694
Willem de RooiWillem de Rooi (2)
Italiaans naakt-2015 Foto197
Foto195 DSC06150  castledark25dragonstonekaart
DSC08695 Fantasiorama-Tempelkaart Ford-Garage-Int
JUKEBOX  MEUBELMAKERKAART Montezuma Orient-4Pyke - Kaart
real expanded castle game of thrones redmountainsred TT-Tent-3TT-Tent-7
TT-Tent-4  TT-Tent-83D-garageDonker

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